Wines from Mallorca, Vino Rosado and Vino Blanco

ClARI Vino Blanco - VT Mallorca

CLARI Vino Blanco 2023 – Vi de la Terra Mallorca

A ripe fruit, a rich decoration.

For an optimal balance of the fresh CLARI Vino Blanco, we not only felt but also actually selected more Chardonnay than Viognier in the cuveé, so that the witty and subtle acid nerve never lets go.

This wine should not be served particularly cold. A starting temperature of just over 6 °C is therefore ideal.

Our absolutely exciting cuvée of Chardonnay and Viognier comes from the central plain in the north of Mallorca, where Mediterranean winds ensure balance and elegance all year round. Cultivation takes place without artificial irrigation.

Our grapes are picked by hand into small boxes and further processed, with essential adherence to the cold chain, to highlight primary aromas.

In the wine cellar, the Chardonnay is then processed quickly to avoid the wine appearing broad and flat.

The Viognier, on the other hand, goes through a maceration period of several months, which we like to take our time with. This means that the Viognier gains body in a unique way and the flavors typical of the variety can concentrate.

Finally, our wine is aged in stainless steel tanks for a few months, which supports the spirited acidity that ensures a pleasant freshness.


CLARI Rosado Monastrell - VT Mallorca

CLARI Vino Rosado 2023 – Vi de la Terra Mallorca

A light salmon pink color, a great balanced texture on the palate.

The CLARI Vino Rosado is made from the heat-loving red wine variety Monastrell without artificial irrigation. It is one of the most important Mediterranean grape varieties, which is known for its fine spice.

Here, too, the grapes are harvested by hand into small boxes and fermented in stainless steel tanks while maintaining the cold chain. The rosado or rosé wine is stored on the lees for improved texture and complexity.

With its bouquet of fresh fruits and notes of lemon and almond, our Rosado goes perfectly with antipasti, vegetable dishes and seafood for the here and now.