CLARI Rosado - VT Mallorca
Mallorca is a beautiful island in the Mediterranean that is world-famous for its wine and food. Mallorca is not only a popular holiday island, but also a paradise for wine lovers and connoisseurs. The island offers a variety of landscapes, cultures and traditions, which are also reflected in its wines. Whether on the coast or inland, in the mountains or on the plains, there are small and large wineries everywhere that produce their own wines with a lot of love and care.
The wine culture in Mallorca has a long history that dates back to ancient times. The Phoenicians, the Romans and the Moors already cultivated the vine here and appreciated Mallorcan wine. Today Mallorca is a modern and innovative wine region that relies on both indigenous and international grape varieties. The wines are fruity, elegant and full of character, with a good balance between acidity, alcohol and tannin.
The climate in Mallorca is ideal for wine growing as it is mild and sunny, with dry summers and short winters. Rainfall is low but sufficient to support the vines. The soils are mostly calcareous, with varying amounts of clay and sand. The different microclimates created by the location, altitude and orientation of the vineyards give the wines a special note.
The art of living on Mallorca is also reflected in the gastronomy, which is characterized by Mediterranean cuisine. Mallorcan cuisine is simple but tasty, with fresh and seasonal ingredients from the sea, land and garden. The typical dishes are tapas, paella, sobrasada, ensaimada and much more. The wines of Mallorca go perfectly with these specialties as they enhance the aromas and freshness.
Mallorca is an island to discover, experience and enjoy. Whether you are interested in nature, culture or history, whether you want to relax or be active, whether you travel alone, as a couple or with the family, you will always find something that excites you in Mallorca. And of course you can always drink a good wine from Mallorca, which will bring you even closer to the island.
Mallorca is more than an island, it is a way of life.